Get an iPad 3 Cheaper!

Do you have an iPad 2, but want an iPad 3? Hate to pay $500 all over again? Here’s a simple trick to parlay your old iPad into your new one: SELL IT! You may think the old adage that technology constantly outdates itself, thus killing it’s resell value after each new model, is true for all technology, but it’s not. This is especially true with Apple products, which tend to stay useful years after they are replaced with newer versions, and is even more so with the iPad.
Apple recently listed refurbished first generation iPads for $299 and sold out. They still list refurbished iPad 2s for $349. The nice thing about all of this is that there are no longer any first gen iPads available from Apple, locking in your resell value at $299! The other thing is that even though iPad 2s are still available, people don’t like to wait for high-tech gadgets to ship; they would rather get their hands on it right now. This puts you in a good spot to easily get the refurbished price for your used one (so long as it is still in near-mint condition).
So hop on Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon or others (or those things called newspaper classifieds, which are often free), and list your iPad for the refurb price listed on Apple’s site. You’ll be surprised at the response, and you should be able to sell your old iPad within a week or two, at which point you can apply the money towards the new one, effectively lowering the purchase price by at least $299! I do it every time, and now so can you 🙂
DON’T FORGET: If you are already backing up to iCloud, run a manual backup right before you part with your old iPad. Then go to Settings>General>Reset and select ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ to delete all your information off of it. When you get your new iPad, select the option to restore it up from an iCloud backup, and after all the apps download and you re-input your passwords, you’ll have everything you had on the old iPad on your new one!