Website as a Service (WaaS)

We Make Websites Simpler! Instead of selling you individual parts to make your own website (web address, web hosting, etc), we offer a complete website service that includes all the basic components for one standard fee that can be paid yearly or in monthly installments (via ACH auto-draft*). We handle all the registrations, renewals, weeding out the good notices from the bogus ones, and much more so you can just have a great website without any of the hassle!

  • Web Address (.com .net or .org) – How visitors get to your website
  • Web Hosting – The storage where your website exists
  • Web Design – What your website looks like and how it functions
  • SSL Certificate – Turns the http:// into https:// which is more secure for your visitors
  • Domain Privacy – Shields your information on the public domain registry from potential spammers
  • Unlimited Pages (within reason) – We don’t stop at just 5 if you need more
  • Unlimited Page Updates (within reason)(applies to static pages/content only, clients will be taught how to do their own blog/newsy posts)
  • Unlimited Forwarding Email Addresses (within reason)(allows you to have an email address at your web address that delivers to an existing email account you already have)
  • Server-based POP3 Email (however we recommend G Suite for bonafide email with IMAP support)
  • Google Analytics Integration – So you know how many visitors come to your website
  • Basic SEO Optimization – Helps search engines do their job so you show up on search results
  • Social Media Integration – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ by request
  • Non-Premium Plugins (There are groups of plugins which are free that can add functionality to your site. We do not charge extra to install these for you.)
  • Tailored Website Strategies (Websites are like paintings; let us paint a pretty picture of your offerings for your clients! You let us know what information you want to convey, and we’ll take it from there!)
  • Online Marketing Advice (We understand online marketing so you don’t have to. We’ll let you know when something would be a benefit to your site, and offer feedback for ideas you have. With the Sylvester Computer Guy, you’re not just getting a website programmer, you’re getting a website partner with a vested interest in the success of your overall project!)
  • Weekly Maintenance Updates
  • Monthly Backups
  • Monthly Security Checks
  • Monthly SEO Checks
  • Monthly Reports about the status of your website

Basic Rate

$200 Setup + $600 yearly (also available as 12 monthly installments)

Go From ‘Basic’ to ‘Advanced’ With These Extras!

  • Ecommerce Shop Service, includes first 5 product record entries – Add $100 Setup + $10/mo
  • Paywall “Paid Members Only” Sections Service – Add $50 Setup + $10/mo
  • Classifieds Service – Add $50 Setup + $10/mo
  • Banner Ad Rotator (monetization) Service – Add $50 Setup + $10/mo

How much for some additional help?
Basic product photos for ebay, craigslist, ecommerce = $5/item ($100/hr bulk rate)
Commercial Facebook/Twitter Account Setup = $50
Ecommerce product record entry = $5/item

Special Rates:
Festivals (6 month active window) – Only get updates during 6 months of the year and you only pay for those months.
Political Candidates – Only pay the setup fee and then monthly until your campaign concludes.
Charities (501c3) – We will donate your setup fee!

(*All rates are based on ACH auto-drafted monthly payments, other methods will incur a surcharge.)