How To: Include Original Posts When Sharing Links on Facebook 2021

Have you ever wondered why the original post (the stuff someone else wrote) about a link disappears when you share that post on Facebook? Keep reading to find out how to solve this easy issue so that you can ensure that the great information that someone typed to go along with a link stays with it when you share it from their post!

After clicking on the Share button of a post with a link you’d like to share that you also want the text that the profile/page typed in to be shared with it, click the Expand icon in the popup window.

Select the arrow icon to get an option selection box.

From here, just select “Include Original Post”.

Now you’ll see the other profile/page’s post show back up in the share you are doing. If that’s all you wanted, then press Post and you’re done! If you want to add your own text to the post first, you can still do that at this point and the original post will still stay there.

If you are trying to share the post to a business Page, now is the time to click “Tap to Change” at the very top and select your Page. Hope this helps!

If you found this How To helpful, practice this by sharing our Facebook Post of this article using this method! Also, thanks go out to Facebook user Darlene Duncan Fraley who rediscovered this feature after Facebook depricated the method in our previous article!