NAVY FEDERAL EMAIL SCAM: Be careful of this phishing scam that we just had come through our inbox! Phishing is when a person tries to obtain your login credentials to a website or service by sending an email they hope you will believe is from the actual company. When you click on the button, you will be taken to a fake login screen that will look like the real thing, and they will get everything you type into the fake login box, which will allow them to get into your account and even lock you out (this is assuming the button doesn’t just cause your computer to crash or become locked out immediately). The term Phishing is a play on the word Fishing since they are putting bait out to see what they get (any catch is a good catch). Don’t become a victim of Phishing! Here are some tell-tales in this particular email that could help you also avoid a bad day (see photo).

via Sylvester Computer Guy