Now Open Fridays

Due to popular demand, the Sylvester Computer Guy is now open Fridays!

It has always been our intention to offer Friday hours, but we wanted to make sure the demand was there… and it sure has been! Many of you may have known that although we didn’t post open hours on Fridays, we were often there anyway. We were able to gauge the demand for adding an extra day to the mix from all the folks who dropped in hoping we were open, and were surprised when they could get in despite the posted hours. In response to these happy yet unplanned visits, we decided to update the posted hours on the door to include the extra day, and then took on the task of hiring and training a great customer service associate.

We have been blessed to be embraced by such a warm community this past year and a half, and are constantly amazed at how we are pushed by this community to offer more, offer it quicker, grow faster, and innovate! So long as we continue to be privileged enough to enjoy your support, we promise we will continue to do just that!

Now Open Monday through FRIDAY, 10:00 – 6:00!