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This Spring: Break the Battery Hoarding Habit
Life is full of responsibilities and distractions, leaving little time for organizing. As a result, it’s easy for clutter to build up, creating the perfect battery hoarder scenario. Holding onto old batteries and products with old batteries included not only creates a mess, it can also pose a potential safety threat.
The good news: you can break the battery hoarding habit while doing something good for the planet! Spring time means clean time, giving extra motivation to tidy up living spaces including attics, basements and garages – the perfect hideaways for old batteries. While decluttering those areas, gather used
batteries, which can be recycled, and bring them to us!
This spring, help friends and family get organized and break the battery hoarder habit. Don’t forget to share your battery recycling success and transformations! Snap a photo and tag us on Facebook.
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