We Make Computer Registries Simpler

One of the things that can slow down your computer and cause problems is a Registry that has a lot of errors in it. Because of this, the computer’s Registry is often a common place to start when a computer needs servicing. But what is a computer’s Registry anyway?

A Computer Registry

There are many similarities between a computer Registry and a phone book. Both contain many individual entries that keep track of where resources live and how to contact them. In the case of a computer the resources are all sorts of things ranging from programs, settings, drivers, files, system technical stuff and much more. Just like you would look up a person to find out how to get in touch with them or where a business might be located, the computer uses its Registry to lookup resources and how to find them. But the similarities continue further.
Just like a phone book starts getting less accurate each day as people and business move in and out or change their phone numbers, the same kind of thing is happening in the computer. As programs are installed, uninstalled, and files move around, traces are often left behind about the old locations and pointers. These things can add up to several thousand bogus entries. But how many errors are too many?

Think of it like a phone book.

A phone book is still useful years after it goes to print even though it becomes less perfect as time goes by because most entries stay the same. You may never bump into the bad entries if you never need to know how to contact a place that hasn’t been updated. Likewise the same is true in a computer registry. Sometimes many errors are never used and don’t get in the way of what the computer is trying to do. But the problems start when there are so many errors that the computer has to spend too much time searching through them to get to what it needs. Other times the computer can basically waste time going on a wild goose chase as it bounces from one bad pointer to another until it gets to where it’s going, instead of just going directly there. So although there is no magic number of errors for when things start to become noticeable, it is good to just periodically fix the Registry by clearing out the bad entries or correcting them.
Luckily, there are programs that will fix the errors for you if you are comfortable installing them and clicking through their interfaces. Just be careful what program you choose to install because there are many fakes out there that either don’t do an effective job or actually add viruses or bloatware to your computer. If you don’t feel knowledgeable enough to tell the difference, take your computer to your local computer service shop and they’ll have a favorite pick they can recommend.
So that’s it: A computer Registry is basically a phone book that your computer uses to lookup stuff it needs!