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  • We’re Selling Our Lexmark and Brother Ink Cartridges Online!

    Have you heard about our great prices on ink cartridges (starting at just $4.49), but don’t live close enough to drop by? We’ve got you covered! Today we are launching, our online ink & toner store, so go bookmark it right away! Our selection of LEXMARK and BROTHER inks have already been put into the online system so you… read more

  • What’s The Deal With Screen Warranties Anyway?

    There’s a lot of confusion on this topic, so let’s set the record straight: On most devices, including specifically iPhones and iPads, when you accidentally break your screen, your warranty is already voided before you take it anywhere. Most fine prints will have a similar section this one, which excludes: ‘cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches…damage caused by… read more

  • We’re Now A Microsoft Registered Refurbisher!

    The 1st and only in the region. Another local accomplishment to put Sylvester on the map, we are the first and only Microsoft Registered Refurbisher in the area (the nearest being Columbus, Byron, and Valdosta). This mean we are poised to provide certified refurbished systems to not only our own Worth County customers, but also to neighboring  Albany and Tifton… read more

  • Affordable Ink & Toner!

    You don’t have to leave Worth County to find great prices on quality ink and toner. As a matter of fact, you’ll pay less if you stop and shop local at the Sylvester Computer Guy! Whether you want OEM ink, or great remanufactured cartridges as low as $4.99, you can find it here. If it’s not in stock when you… read more

  • No Fax? No Problem

    We are now offering outgoing fax service! Unlike many out-of-town places that charge over $1.00/page for faxing, our faxes are only $0.25/page. The rate is the same whether it’s local, long-distance, in-state, or out-of-state (no international faxing at this time). Plus, for Chamber members (both businesses and individuals), sending a fax is FREE OF CHARGE! Just another reason to Stop… read more

  • Earn Money for Your Charity!

    The Sylvester Computer Guy is launching a new ‘Intern for Charity’ program starting now! Come do our list of chores and we’ll donate $50 to the 501(c)3 of your choice in Worth County! We estimate the list is about 4-8 hours worth of stuff, ranging from sweeping the floor to posting on Facebook. Do a little each day, or do… read more

  • Ribbon Cutting Event!

    Saturday, May 25th from 1:00 – 3:00 We will be having our Ribbon Cutting event! Door Prizes every 15 minutes – One ticket per person per drawing. When each drawing is concluded, the next one begins. In the event that there are more prizes than drawings, some drawings will have more than one winner (first winner gets first pick among… read more

  • Paypal Users Beware!

    Be on the lookout in your inboxes for this scam which is making its rounds. It will appear to be an email from Paypal notifying you that your account has been ‘limited’. It will further request that you download the attached file and launch it in your browser to start the recovery process. But all this should be raising red… read more

  • Now Located Downtown!

    For your convenience, The Sylvester Computer Guy is now located downtown at 101-A N Isabella Street, next door to Fresco’s Italian Restaurant. Business hours are currently Monday through Thursday, from 1:00 to 6:00, with expanded hours expected by the end of the year. This location will serve as a dependable location to drop off your gadgets which are in need… read more

  • What’s Better About the New iPhone 5?

    Each year’s announcement is filled with the simultaneous feelings of excitement for the new features and the sadness that some of the dream list features didn’t make the cut. The average person is just wondering if the new iPhone is worth upgrading if they have an upgrade slot with their service provider. To help make this a simple process, below… read more